Sienna Carlisle

Take a walk on the wild side.
—Lou Reed, about the trans women in his life.

Sienna Carlisle
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I'm the real thing: the ultimate transgender goddess.
An elite TS companion with that extra something, equal parts transsexual princess and intoxicating femme fatale.

I've always walked a less-worn path, holding a space of possibility for otherworldly desires... because, like you, I crave the unknown.

Current movements
Berlin: currently
London: July 20-24
Paris: August 14-18

I am based between Berlin, London, Melbourne and my home city, Sydney.

Perhaps you didn't know it was possible to feel this way, admiring my movements over a sumptuous dinner, beaming as we joke in the car ride back, and falling to your knees as soon as we arrive in the hotel room.

You didn't know you could feel so fulfilled, so liberated, so desirous to give that same satisfaction back.

Do you remember your first oyster? It's sort of like that. You can be told something is rare, perhaps strange, and exquisite, but until you try it you never really know.

Sienna Carlisle

I'm the perfect combination of what so many seek out in their sexual explorations: the soft—and the hard. I'm versatile, sensual, adventurous and indelibly kinky.

My body is supple and statuesque, with proportions that speak for themselves. I'm 6 feet tall with 7 uncut inches (I'm not talking about stilettos), a tight waist, enhanced D-cup breasts and naturally blonde, waist-length hair.

I realise just how many people fantasise about the presence of a woman such myself in their life, a gorgeous, kinky trans woman where nobody has to know what goes on between us but you, me and the bedroom mirror.

It's amazing how much the world can open up when one thing changes.

A real transgender Goddess

From origins in Sydney where I transitioned young, to the UK and later Europe, my journey has ranged from studying at top universities, modelling, living in communities of artists, and of course many erotic adventures.

I learned kink and fetish from some of the best, at a luxury establishment in my early 20s. I soon realised that I couldn't be boxed into a dungeon... perhaps my arm candy energy was too strong! Not only did I awaken to the pleasures of both seizing and giving up control, but to how many experiences of power and beauty exist in the wider world.

Sienna Carlisle
Sienna Carlisle

Beauty in all its forms

Sexual energy is present in every moment, an electric charge to be activated by the faintest whiff of perfume, the delicious creak of a leather skirt, the subtlest brush of fingertips. So I delight in magnificent food and wine, devious literature and moving pieces of art.

I value personal connection above all, choosing to spend my time with warm, respectful, likeminded individuals. I will throw myself into an engaging conversation as much as hilarious repartée and I love to style my body in elegant and exciting looks that can only enhance every situation.

There's something special about girls like me, a certain je ne sais quoi of feminine charisma and sexual expansiveness. I am offering you a glimpse into a life rarely lived, one completely without creative or sexual limits.

Join me there.

Sienna Carlisle

My interests

Topics: travel (I love a bucket list!), history, psychology, sex and gender, plants, cooking, languages.

Music: Too many to name; Leonard Cohen, This Mortal Coil, Sade, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, Björk, Chaka Khan, classic country music, Kylie, techno.

Literature: Dirty French novels, Greek myths, Decadence, Rumi, Hemingway, gorgeous architecture and art books, gripping biographies.

Films: Scifi, fantasy and period films; some of my favourite directors include Bernardo Bertolucci, Luca Guadignino, Dario Argento, Francis Ford Coppola.

Art: Contemporary sculpture and performance art; Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Rodin, Gustave Moreau, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jack O'Brien, Louise Bourgeois.

Places: Sydney forever, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Paris, Athens, Copenhagen, Milan, Bangkok, Singapore.

...a thorn expands to a rose. A particular glows with the universal.

Sienna Carlisle

Something edgier

I am classically trained in the art of BDSM, 8 years of experience I can choose to draw from to enrich a rendezvous. I am always learning and have excluded some things for want of recent practice...

Light: fantasy roleplay, foot and heel fetish, impact play, bondage, nipple play, crossdressing and sissification, anal play, golden showers, sensory play, latex and leather, erotic domination, femdom.

Complex: consensual nonconsent (CNC), submissive training, chastity, CBT, sounding, needles, gags, hoods, humiliation, sensory deprivation, smothering, electro and breath play.

I don't adhere to any official rationale or belief system in negotiating and enacting scenes but I do have affinities with personal responsibility, informed consensual kink (PRICK).

I don't partake in advanced medical, blood play or anything I deem unsafe, uncomfortable or personally risky. I love learning new things and maintain an adventurous and devious attitude when it comes to all things kinky.

Sienna Carlisle

What's next?

There's no script for how this goes. I engage each person as an individual with complete discretion and zero judgement.

My favourite engagements are beautiful, expansive and contain an element of experimentation.

I don't see the point in holding back from what fulfils me, so why should you?