Sienna Carlisle


Do you do outcalls?

Definitely. I ask that my transport is covered and that the travel time is not over 45 minutes each way from where I am staying.

Do you do incalls?

In Australia and the UK, yes. In other countries, you'll have to ask me.

I've never been with a trans woman before, is that OK?

Of course. We can take things as slow as you would like with no pressure or judgement in regards to how we spend our time together. That said, everything you've fantasised about being possible with a trans woman is possible.

What sort of people are your clients?

My clients generally have a fascination with beautiful women, as well as the self- assuredness and sophisticated palette to enjoy the company of a kinky trans woman like myself. Most of them are straight men, though occasionally I am lucky enough to see women and queer people.

What's your stance on privacy, verification and deposits?

For obvious reasons, security and discretion are of the utmost importance to me, it's why I prefer to be independent rather than working with agencies. I require a 50% deposit to secure any engagement. I also ask that you verify yourself with photo ID, LinkedIn profile or a reference from another provider. I regularly consult with a specialist about data protection and physical security, both yours and mine. I am happy to talk it out, but not to compromise on my own wellbeing.

Would you sign an NDA?

I would be happy to, not that it's necessary to keep what happens between us strictly between us.

Can I make an outfit request?

Yes, I love to elevate any situation with the perfect ensemble. I will arrive exquisitely coiffed for our meeting with an outfit appropriate to the occasion but suggestions or your favourites from images I post on my socials etc are welcome (provided they're in my suitcase).

Can you suggest a hotel/restaurant?

Yes, I have lists of favourites I can send you. I also eat most things but tend to be low gluten/sugar for your reference.

Can you visit my city?

The cities I spend the most time in are Berlin, London, Melbourne and Sydney. I am also making regular trips to Paris at the moment. I tend to be in Europe from April - November and Australia the remainder of the year. If I don't have plans to visit your city soon then flying me to visit is always an option; if I'm coming soon anyway, then confirming a meeting would sway the dates I'm there so we can definitely meet.

Do you play with others?

Yes, though women exactly like myself are quite rare so please don't ask me to invite some myself. I always enjoy the encounters I get to have in doubles, couples, or multiples.

Sienna Carlisle